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Italiana Confetti S.rl.

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We are pleased to present you Italiana Confetti S.r.l. (, Italian company, whose products strive to combine tradition and innovation, offering the market quality confectionery, made according to old craftsmanship and the most modern production technologies. 



Maxtris is a bite-sized form of confectionery with a soft sugar outer shell. The inner part can vary, the most popular ones are almond and chocolate, but can be made up of other ingredients such as pistachio or hazelnut or candied fruits.

In addiction, Italiana Confetti produces several products with chocolate outer layer: shining and cocoa dusted too.
Combining traditional products with technological progress, Italiana Confetti identifies as one of the most famous Italian confetti producer, the Maxtris confetti.
You can have a look at their presentation video on the company and how their confetti are made in the link below:



Italiana Confetti is particularly sensitive and attentive to the conformity of raw materials and finished products, it is one of the biggest European manufacturer of chocolate pralines with several certifications: BRC – HALAL IFS – ORGANIC – KOSHER – VEGAN – FDA – UTZ.

Italiana Confetti would like to expand their export markets and are looking for a suitable partner.





If interested in the company and its catalogue, please send an e-mail to ✉ or ✉


AgriFood Dept. | ITA- London Office

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